Online Casino segment keeps spreading in New Zealand

The new proposal of expanding the online casino business in New Zealand, made by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission has been opposed to. The Problem Gambling Foundation based in New Zealand opposed the commission’s idea of selling Instant Kiwi lottery tickets over the Internet, motivating that this will make consumers’ gambling issues worse. Despite that, the Lotteries Commission, through its Chief Executive Todd Mcleay, did not find this statement as being true, as there has been no proof that gambling games and other forms of online gambling like lottery tickets create gambling addiction.

Every situation is two-sided. There are groups that do not agree with the statement that Mcleay made. These groups agree with the Problem Gambling Foundation and brought evidence to support their cause. According to a number of reports and studies held in other countries, lottery games are a major factor that stands behind the gambling addiction.

According to those groups, other countries with sever legislation which holds the sales of lottery tickets under close watch, have proven to limit down the gambling addiction of the population. To reply to that fact, Mcleay said that the Internet which is a resource that every business applies to is changing the way people do business. Like every business, the gambling industry does the same and the more the Internet will develop, the more people will apply to it to handle their business transactions.

So far, it hasn’t got to a decision and the government in New Zealand is still negotiating on the matter. It is not yet know if Instant Kiwi lottery tickets will be advertised online in New Zealand.

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